MPM8.8 Mono

MusiCall Matrix MPM8.8 mono


The MPM8.8 mono will be replaced by the MAX8.8 and MAX8.8D.
Please contact our office for current availability.

This Matrix is the nerve center of the MusiCall system. This ‘black box’ performs all the switching and volume controls at your command.

The Matrix can be easily configured with the MusiCall configuration software. The software allows easy adjustments of input sensitivity, loudness and equalizer settings, source and program names and system power up defaults.


Main features

  • Eight global audio inputs with high quality gold plated sockets.
  • Eight local audio inputs.
  • Telephone input for direct call to assigned zones. For easy person search or emergency purposes.
  • Serial interface for data communication with the MusiCall QFM tuner for RDS data and preset selection.
  • Possibility to connect two paging consoles.

Optional modules

  • Priority module on input eight.
  • IO-module for remote switching.