Quadruple FM tuner QFM-4


The Q-FM-4 will be replaced by the MAX8.8D and MAX8.16D.
No longer available. Please contact our office.

This QFM tuner unit, contains 4 separate RDS stereo tuner sections sharing a single control desk in a smart 1 HU 19” housing. The tuner has 30 presets that can be programmed by means of the keypad. Besides it is possible to program the tuner with the PC-software as well. Tuner sections can be used as global audio source or they can be assigned to specific zones. When assigned, you can use the MRC-controller to scroll through some of the presets.


Main features

  • 30 presets.
  • Frequency range 87.5 to 108.0 MHz.
  • Serial interface for data communication with the MusiCall Matrix for RDS data and preset channel selection.
  • Headphones monitor output, with volume control.
  • Antenna in,- and output on profession f-connector.
  • Galvanically insulated antenna input to prevent earth-loops.