Matrix MAC808

MAC808  Compact and Versatile Music System for Office, Workshop or at Home.

An “All-in-One” unit that combines all necessary functions for a 12-way Matrix, 8-Power Amplifiers each 25Watts/8 Ohms. Besides four FM-Tuners, up to eight RCA inputs are available to connect a CD player, TV sound, Satellite receiver or Computer. For Paging purposes, a paging input can be selected.

MAC808 front


  • Web based configuration and control
  • Stand alone four or eight zone multi-room system
  • Smart looking Control panels for Wall mounting gives access to Channel and Volume selection.
  • Four FM-Tuners, with 50 Presets and RDS readout.
  • Extra RCA Audio inputs to be configured using 4 Stereo inputs or up to 8 Mono inputs.
  • Matrix system with 12 inputs and 8 outputs mono or any mix of Stereo and Mono channels.
  • Each output channel is equipped wit a 3-band equalizer for optimal Sound.
  • Eight internal 25 watt amplifiers.
  • Four extra RCA outputs on channels 5 to 8 for additional e.g. 100V Power Amplifiers.
  • Logic inputs for ‘Paging-1’, ‘Paging-2’, or ‘Total Mute’.
  • Grouping selectable outputs.
  • Selectable ‘Priority Audio’ input.
  • Optional support for MP3 and WAV audio playout.
  • Optional stream playout support.

MAC808 is exactly what you need at your office, in the workshop, hospitals, retirement home, Dentals etc. Everywhere a compact installation is needed for Listening music, Background music or Music for Masking purposes. Paging makes the system complete.


MAC808 rear